Help & Support for Coupon Apps from Coupon LLC

Please email us at with your questions. We’ll respond within a few days.

You can also see the below list for answers to common issues and questions

No New Coupons Today?

We update apps with new coupons every day. If on a particular day, there are no new good coupons, there might not be an update.

Want more Coupons?

Please email us at and let us know what stores you want coupons for, or what items or areas you want more coupons for.

Only 1/2/3 Coupons a Day?

We keep a high quality bar for coupons. As our team grows we’ll be able to find more good coupons every day and will add more. However, there will always be a quality bar. We will strive to add only high quality coupons, and coupons only for high quality stores, which necessarily limits the number of coupons.

Is my personal information safe?

Firstly, we collect minimal personal information. Secondly, please see our Privacy Policy and rest assured we don’t violate your privacy and we don’t sell your personal information or your search queries.

Problems with Performance of our Coupon Apps?

We spent over a year testing and working on these apps. You should run into very few issues. Most problems can be solved by either

  1. Restarting your phone or tablet
  2. Re-installing the App.

My Favorite Store is missing

Please email us at and let us know what store/stores you want to see more coupons from. If possible, we’ll accommodate your requests.

I disagree with a Store Review

Please email us and let us know if you think we got a store review right. Our store reviews can always be edited based on customer feedback.

Why does your App not have Feature X

We tried to focus on the most important features. For us that list was

  1. The Best Coupons
  2. Reviews for the Best Stores
  3. Search
  4. Categorization
  5. Ability to Filter by Category
  6. Ease of Use
  7. Intuitiveness

If you feel there is some other feature that should have been prioritized, please let us know and we’ll let you know whether

  1. It’s slated for a future release
  2. It is in violation of one of our core product values and cannot be added
  3. It’s not on the roadmap, and will not be added anytime in the foreseeable future
  4. It matches our criteria and has been added to the product roadmap.